Just My Two Cents. Why I Would Prefer To Date Men From The West.

I think white men are more attractive

I’m Asian , but I would prefer to date a white guy and here’s why :Although Asian guys are passionate and caring, they don’t hold a candle to the looks a Caucasian man has. I’m sure you oftentimes see these interracial couples particularly asian women dating white men and wonder if she’s in it for the money. Well, not very often. I am asian and I would prefer a white guy to a local one any day simply because of the looks. Sure, asian men are generally good-looking but it’s the height and the physique that places them at a disadvantage over the Caucasian males.

angel 3

I think  white men can provide more financially

It has been said that men who are financially stable are more desired as long-term partners because women want men who will stay with them and can provide more to feed and protect their children. Of course Asian men are strong, loyal and are good providers too but hey, it’s that, plus the looks factor. If I’m looking for a lifetime partner , then he has to possess all the qualities I desire. And not only that , he should be an older , more mature man who is less likely to stray.

I think  white men breeds beautiful babies .

According to science , cross-breeding will lead to offspring that are genetically fitter and more attractive  than their parents. So if you see a white man carrying a cute baby with an asian woman by his side, you know why those babies look absolutely adorable.


10 thoughts on “Just My Two Cents. Why I Would Prefer To Date Men From The West.

  1. Firstly, I respectfully disagree with you. And, I think it’s your life and you have the right to like what you want. But I have to ask…how do you feel about Black guys? Latino guys? I mean, I love white guys too. But I personally feel like people should date someone because they have a great connection, not based on the race. In a way, choosing one race to like is a form of racism.
    I know this sounds odd, but I, a Black female, used to only want to date Asian guys (Chinese to be specific) because I thought that was the future of the world. Then I realized how silly I sounded limiting myself to this one, specific group of guys.
    The world is filled with so many different men and to limit your pick to one kind is sad to me.
    And whether your children are as white as a cloud or as dark as night, or very “Asian” looking, you should love your children no matter what they look like because just existing as this unique individual is beautiful in itself. Beauty comes in so many different colors and shapes. And that’s what makes all humans so beautiful. And I wish more people in the world appreciated the variety of beauty we have on this planet.
    But then again, that’s my opinion. lol I don’t have anything against you. I’m just giving another perspective on things. ^_^

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