The Little Black Book

You meet this guy at , go out with him for a couple of dates, and spend the next few days waiting by the phone just in case he calls.You do everything just to take your mind away from him. You even got back to reading that unfinished book on how to get your boyfriend back.

You go through that excruciating habit of checking your mobile phone every 30 seconds to see if anyone has texted, but what’s even more excruciating is being totally into this guy and not getting similar vibes from him.

And yet you wait, and wait , for about a week. But Still no call.

You ask herself :

” What happened? How did I mess up? Perhaps I should not have been too transparent ? But we were so much into each other. In fact, he pursued me so hard, he called me all the time, we talked every day and saw each other often, like several times a week. It was a wonderful evening and I thought I was falling in love with him and thought he felt the same.”


Relax. Don’t get paranoid. He’s waiting. He may be trying out the ”make her miss you” technique. Or he simply doesn’t want to smother you with endless phone calls or text messages. Or he’s merely waiting for another fantastic date idea to come to mind.

What if he doesn’t call you after more than a week ?

Then we can safely surmise that his interest got flushed away with his ejaculate.

This is why guys have something called the little black book.


What do you think?

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