Why Filipinas Make Very Good Lifetime Partners

The Philippines is a  predominantly Christian country and is one of the very few countries in Asia , where divorce is still banned. It is also one of the few countries where women are deemed conservative and have a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage.

Filipinas, like many Asian women in general, are very faithful partners. This is why , in turn, they seek partners that are loyal to them on sites like friendly.ph. These, combined with their huge interest in romantic movies and love stories, are the reasons why a vast majority of Filipinas believe that being faithful to their partners, is the most important key to a long lasting marriage.

They firmly believe that communication plays a vital role in the success of one’s marriage. Thus, your Filipina dateofasia believes that through open communication, couples can learn more about each other, and will have a better understanding of each other. This, in turn, will nurture their marriage into something that is bound not only by matrimony, but most of all, by friendship and love

The Filipinos , just like many Asian cultures place a very high value on its tightly-knit family ties where married couples usually still live Imagewith the man or the woman’s parents even after marriage. These familial ties extend even to other members like the siblings, grandparents, or in some cases, first degree relatives.

It is also because of this fact that they expect their partners to accept, understand and love all the other members of the extended family. They regard this value as an important part of a successful, happy and long lasting marriage.


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