Kawasan Falls .A Sight To Behold

We had been walking for a good 15 minutes and it was almost late afternoon. I could only see glimpses of the sunshine above a lush canopy of leaves and foliage .

I breathed deeply. Inhaling the cool, fresh mountain air and marvelled at the beauty of the surroundings. How I wished I could come here more often but alas ! It was a 3-hour drive from the city where I lived.

I have heard horror stories of people getting lost in the woods there, never to be seen again and I felt something akin to fear as I lugged my heavy tote  bag down the long, narrow, slippery dirt road on the way to Kawasan Falls , in the town of Badian .

I was just about ready to turn back when I heard the oh too familiar noise of rushing water. I quickened my pace, half-running with excitement as the noise became almost deafening . I said to myself  ” Well, this better be blog-worthy, or I’m gonna kill the mutherfooker  who brought me here.

And sure enough , it was indeed a sight to behold…

falls 4


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