Kathena – an original story by Jitter Josef Johann Quilonia

Kathena looked across the VAST-HORIZON. The sun was just a bright orange glow, hidden from the tall mountains of the kingdom ruled by an evil sorceress . Today, she will start her journey towards Grimaldi, the castle where  the woman she loathed the most, lived. The woman who held her precious son captive , and the same woman who bewitched and killed her husband Thorab, the king of Grimaldi. Today, she will embark on a very long and dangerous journey, to regain her son, her kingdom, and her life back.


As the surveyed the vastness of the land before her, it would take her days before she reached the castle. She had planned this years in advance,while recuperating from the injuries inflicted on her by the evil sorceress,Gaura.. With the  help of the powerful enchantress Maia , she slowly regained her superhuman strength and mastered the art of hand to hand combat. Everyday, she trained with Maia and her trusted servants, the only people left after  the onslaught by Gaura and her evil army. Their journey towards regaining her kingdom back starts today.


They had prepared food , provisions,  and horses for the long journey. Her WHITE-STALLION, Silverwing has been fed and fitted with special hooves to withstand the long and rough ride. Silverwing is no ordinary horse. She comes from a special breed of horses, sired and genetically superior from the others, one of the very few in the world who can run faster than a speeding bullet ,and even fly when faced with danger.


Just before they set off, Maia handed her the pouch containing rare metal coming from the very depths of the caves and caverns of Grimaldi. These metals were her protection against the evil spell that was cast against the entire kingdom. They were also fitted with a special armour to repel arrows and sharp objects.She now only lacks one more object to complete her arsenal and to make her almost invincible, a hat owned by a nasty elf named Zaos.


They set off just before sunrise, riding their horses furiously, only stopping for a meal , or to drink from the bubbling rivers and brooks they passed by. On the fourth day, they reached the Ural mountains, where the ferocious Orcs lived. These small but malevolent human-like creatures could overpower and devour people like a pack of hungry wolves. The leader of the Orcs, a one-eyed elf named Zaos, had the ability to put every living thing to sleep at the drop of his hat and gobble any creature while it is asleep. Kathena came  prepared for that encounter. She had everything planned for years. She would lure the Orcs inside and cave and set them on fire.


When she approached the cave, she had  instructed her trusty servants to be on their guard while she made a run for the caves. Upon her arrival, hundreds of Orcs immediately chased her, unaware that it was a trap set to corner them and set them a fire. Led by Zaos, the Orcs cornered her . Kathena looked above the cave’s high ceiling and screamed, fly silverwing fly! Silverwing, who at that point was panicked at being pushed against the corner of the cave, sensing danger, spread her magnificent wings and leapt across the air, high across the roof of the cave, while Kathena tossed a cask of flaming gas towards the surprised Orcs. This instantly set them ablaze. The SMELL OF DEATH and BURNING FLESH was everywhere while Kathena made a mad dash towards the cave entrance.  Meanwhile, her trusty servants were at the cave entrance, slaying each exiting Orc, one by one until all was left but the most powerful one.


Zaos stepped out of the cave, his magical hat on hand. In an instant he cast a magic spell that immediately had Kathena’s servants dropping to the floor, fast asleep. Howling with glee, he took a step towards the first servant to devour him . He then heard a voice from behind him saying “ are you having fun yet ?” . It was Kathena, who had placed a rope around Zaos’ neck, pulling him upward. “Come, Silverwing, let’s take Zaos to a place where he deserves to be,” Kathena playfully pulled the rope side to side. “Please spare my life , Madam, and I will give you anything you want. “ Zaos pleaded.


I have what I want, she said, holding the magic hat. “ I now want you to wake my servants up”. With a snap of his fingers, Zaos woke the sleeping servants up. “ Tie him up and puts him inside the cave, so he can terrorize no one anymore “ She ordered her dazed servants..


Kathena and her men set off after Zaos was disposed, hoping to reach the castle that evening. They arrived just before the sunset and waited outside the castle premises until night. Hiding under the CLOAK OF DARKNESS, they stealthy moved towards the palace grounds. Kathena saw her former army generals having dinner at the courtyard. Nobody would recognize her, not even her own son, because their memories have been erased by the evil sorceress.


She made her way towards her family room, where she knew her son would be  . Wearing an outfit she took from the maid’s room , she walked across the hallway unnoticed. When she saw her son, she was awestruck. He had grown a few feet since she last saw him. He would ten years old by now. He was but a child when she thrown out of the kingdom, left for dead. She was overwhelmed with so much love and longing for her son , she suddenly came “out of hiding and called out to him.  “ Joehn” she said. The boy look at her, startled , and backed away from her. “ Don’t be afraid my darling, it’s me, your mother”. She whispered.


I don’t have a mother, the boy replied. She died when I was very young. “ Come closer, and let me show you something” said Kathena. She raised her long raven hair and showed him a birthmark behind her neck. “ Just like yours, my son”. I am your mother. I did not die when our castle was attacked by the evil Gaura . They left me , thinking I was dead but I was found and nursed back to health by Gaura’s bitter enemy, Maia. I’m here to take you and our kingdom back.


Joehn’s maids, who had seen her had reported her to the guards. By the time the guards arrived, she and Joehn had fled outside to the waiting servants ready to take him to safety. “ “Take him to Maia”, she instructed her servants.” There is one more thing I need to do”.

She went back into the palace grounds and started to search for Gaura.


She found her in the palace lounge, having dinner. Gaura  merely looked up from her meal of roasted baby goat and summoned her bodyguard , a fearless half -man, half gargoyle named Ragnor who was several times Kathena’s size.


Seeing the intruder, the gargoyle  pulled his pointed sword and started charging towards Kathena. With the ease and agility of a trained athlete, Kathena overpowered the monstrous gargoyle with the combat and fighting skills she learned while in hiding . She finished him off with a swipe at his head, killing him instantly.


“ You’re next , Gaura” , she said gleefully. The sorceress rose from her seat and , wearing her magic gloves, started chanting magical incantations whilst transforming into an ugly sorceress. Kathena, who came prepared with the precious metals to ward off evil spells, was unscathed. She gave Gaura a quirky smile and said “ Your magic doesn’t work on me anymore”. Now, let me show you what real magic is . She pulled the stones out of her pocket and threw them on the levitating enchantress, quickly immobilizing her. She then took Gaura’s dagger and pierced her heart, killing the enchantress with her own sword.


She then heard a loud thumping on the door. It was the palace guards trying to get in. Kathena knew what to do next. She opened the door to greet them cheerfully saying “ good night, boys” while wearing Zaos’ hat. Everyone dropped to sleep. One could have heard a pin drop , when Kathena walked across the sleeping soldiers to her waiting horse, Silverwing.


Her journey was over. She had come home. After an emotional reunion with her son, they celebrated and started the long and arduous process of restoring her kingdom back to the glory that it once was.


Proud To Be A Filipina

When I was growing up, I never saw myself as beautiful. Beautiful meant being curvy, having fair complexion, a firm nose, and light colored hair and eyes. I, on the other hand, was skinny, possessed straight black hair and dark eyes.My nose was small and as flat as a button. And I had no curves.

I was born and raised in the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia which was a colony of both Spain and America sometime ago. Both cultures had a great impact on Filipino life, and in almost every aspect of daily living, there is evidence of Western presence. And just like any other country that had been colonized ,people have feelings of inferiority where “white” always equates to beauty.

angel 1

So growing up, I wasn’t exactly a standout from the crowd. No guy ever told me that I was beautiful. The campus heartthrobs were always the fair skinned ones who were usually the offspring of an interracial union. Even the boy that I had a longtime crush on was half-white himself.

Later in life , I learned to accept myself for who I was and make the most of it. I realized that I didn’t need to have fair skin to be considered beautiful .That my long , black hair and tanned skin can look very flattering on an off-shouldered top.

I discovered that being skinny wasn’t so bad at all. I could fit into and wear fashions like low-cut, skinny jeans. And my small nose ? At least it doesn’t stand out from the rest of my small face.

I also learned why sites like friendly.ph are very popular amongst western men .And this is because they find Filipina women very attractive.

I guess it is simply human nature to want something we don’t have and each race has physical features that they ought to be proud of.  Filipinas have a unique beauty of their own. And I am proud to be a Filipina.

When You’re In Love

When you’re in love it’s like a sugar-high of emotions.

When you see the person your stomach does a somersault and everyone and everything around you is put on pause mode

No matter what they look like or who they are, to you they are the most beautiful thing ever created.

All of a sudden those mushy love songs make sense.Image

Kawasan Falls .A Sight To Behold

We had been walking for a good 15 minutes and it was almost late afternoon. I could only see glimpses of the sunshine above a lush canopy of leaves and foliage .

I breathed deeply. Inhaling the cool, fresh mountain air and marvelled at the beauty of the surroundings. How I wished I could come here more often but alas ! It was a 3-hour drive from the city where I lived.

I have heard horror stories of people getting lost in the woods there, never to be seen again and I felt something akin to fear as I lugged my heavy tote  bag down the long, narrow, slippery dirt road on the way to Kawasan Falls , in the town of Badian .

I was just about ready to turn back when I heard the oh too familiar noise of rushing water. I quickened my pace, half-running with excitement as the noise became almost deafening . I said to myself  ” Well, this better be blog-worthy, or I’m gonna kill the mutherfooker  who brought me here.

And sure enough , it was indeed a sight to behold…

falls 4

A Cock And Bull Story

Have you ever been to an unfamiliar place and tried to sample their local food?

Well , it happened to me, when I was in one of my provincial trips .

It was past lunchtime, and I was both hungry and thirsty from the 3-hour bus ride , so I decided to have lunch at the nearest eatery I could find .

It was a small shack , with bamboo seats and a thatched roof  but there were many patrons , so I figured that it was a popular place among the locals ..

I called the waiter’s attention and asked him what the house “specialty” was and he  said , ” it’s soup #5″

And since I was so famished I could eat a horse , I ordered what he recommended.

While waiting for the food , I looked around and noticed that the other people were eating the same thing. After a short wait, the order arrived.The soup bowl had barely landed on the table when I attacked the food with gusto.

It tasted good, a little like beef stew, however,  it had a slimy, gelatinous texture. Halfway through the meal , I realized that it could have been something other than beef..

I stirred the soup bowl, spooning the minced and diced pieces of meat but I couldn’t really tell what was floating in the thick, brown soup.

So I called the waiter’s attention again and discreetly asked him what soup was made of ,

and he replied with pride.

“Miss , it’s made from bull and horse genitals”.

“Are you kidding me ?”  I asked incredulously.

“ No miss. Actually, it is said to be a “virility soup” and a powerful aphrodisiac and a lot of people from nearby towns come here to be “rejuvenated”. He said a matter-of-factly.

I almost threw up right and then..I paid my bill and ran outside like the evil furies were after me..

I looked around for the nearest store ,bought a bottle of local rum and drank it like I was dying of thirst .

My hands were still shaking when I lit my cigarette a few minutes later.

I thought about what transpired and couldn’t help but think about the phrase “cock and bull” . Add that to ” could eat a horse”.

I wondered if whoever coined those phrases stumbled upon an old shack by the side of the road ?Image

Where To Find Beautiful Asian Women

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Why Is Asian Dating So Popular ?

Asian dating sites are popular throughout the world, particularly in the West. What is it about these sites that make them so popular?

These sites are very popular because of the perception of Asian women in general as possessing great beauty and making ideal wives. There is something about the attractive shape of an Asian woman’s face, her beautifully shaped and limpid eyes, her slim figure , and her beautiful lustrous hair that attracts most western men.

They very loving  partners and regard their family as being the center of their world.

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Asia is no different to Europe or America in that respect. In many instances, a dating site appears to be the ideal way for them to meet their future partners. They can communicate with other men that have the same interests as they themselves have and spend time getting to know each other online before deciding to meet offline .

angel 8

Many western men prefer the serenity and reserve of an Asian woman to the brashness and forwardness of western girls, and will prefer to use an Asian dating site to find a potential wife than try to seek one in their own country .

These reasons are that they are seeking somebody can live comfortably with, without the hassle and stress that many types of western women can give them. Asian wives are renowned for their devotion and beauty, and what more could a man want from his wife that a beautiful women, as devoted to him as he is to her?

Thus, Asian dating sites are the ideal platforms on which to find your ideal partner, but always make sure you know how to use them and how to stay safe.