Younger Women Who Prefer Older Men

You may have stereo-typed young women who search for older men in Asian dating sites as gold-diggers, which is probably true for some, but not for all.

The idea of younger women dating older men is age-old concept. But why? The age-old question has been pondered upon by psychologists, scientists, talk show hosts, high school girls at slumber parties, divorced wives , and younger men walking home alone after parties .

It is an evolutionary tactic for the woman to find the strongest, most confident man who can financially support her and provide her (if she chooses to) with genetically superior children?

If so, older men come out on top every time .

Evolutionarily, it’s the perfect match. Younger women like men who can provide emotionally and financially. And, luckily for those women, older men are visual creatures. That is right. They have an eye for pretty young ladies. ( isn’t it amazing ?)

So maybe , chemistry is related to the size of the man’s wallet. After all, some younger women would prefer a man who can shower her with the most sought-after designer things around .

There are probably many younger women who prefer this kind of arrangement , and, lucky for them, there are a lot of affluent older men who are more than happy to shower these women with the finer things.

And why shouldn’t they? Consenting adults can date and marry for different reasons.


At the same time,  beautiful young women dating poor older men with limited financial means are very hard to find. Interesting isn’t it?

It’s always younger girl dates rich man ,  not younger girl dates poor man.

And that is exactly the reason why, if you check out popular dating sites like, you will see a lot of beautiful, younger women searching for older, more financially stable men.

Naturally, gold digging is a conditional arrangement that can be short-lived. After all, older men will only hold onto their arm candy so long as it pleases them. They have, after all, nothing to lose, because they can always find another young woman to date.


The True Meaning Of The Word

At around 10.00am everyday, my co worker Steffi and I take our smoke breaks outside the building where we work for .

We both work for date in, a popular Asian dating service that gives advice on how to get your lover back after a breakup and we were always on the lookout for a guy named Kim, a cute Chinese guy who takes his breaks just about the same time as we do.


We immediately spotted him outside , so I positioned myself  atop the stairs , just a few steps above him ( so I can closely scrutinize his cute Asian features ).

I noticed some guys sitting on the steps below me . And one of them was sporting a weird Afro hairdo .I have nothing against guys who have that same type of “do”, but they are simply not my type.

I was lost in thought, thinking how good Kim looked in his shirt and dark slacks  when I suddenly heard  Steffi yell .

She had spilled  coffee on Kim’s immaculate white shirt ! I almost jumped out of my skin , taken by surprise and dropped my cigarette on Mr. Afro guy’s hair …

The smell of burning hair wafted in the air while I desperately tried to extract the burning cigarette that had found it’s way inside the jungle that was Mr. Afro guy’s hair.


I could hear a few snickers and giggles in the background.

Luckily ,  it didn’t burn his scalp . I apologized profusely to the guy but had to run because my breaktime was almost over .

A few days later , after returning from another break , my co-workers informed me that there was a guy looking for me earlier . I asked them who it was and they pointed to a guy walking towards me .

It was Mr. Afro guy himself .Now sporting a half-shaved look .

” Excuse me , are you Isla ? ” he asked .

“Yes , I am “. I replied .

“I need to speak with you for a few ” he said .

“Why , what is it about ?”

” We’re in the process of creating a new  team , and you’re part of my team “.” I am your new supervisor “he said , with a smug look on his face .

Only then did I fully understand  the true meaning of the word FVCKED.

Why Asian Women Join Dating Sites

A lot of people are leery of women from Southeast Asia who join popular online dating sites like date of , because they think that majority of those women are scammers.

Well, some of them probably are, but heck, scammers are everywhere, not just on Asian dating sites.

Some of them though, are seeking true love , and most often, they are looking for greener pastures at the other side of the fence .


Unfortunately some Asian countries have weak economies and there’s less hope for these women to improve their quality of life. A long period of recession, high unemployment, and inflation ultimately, has made their lives more difficult.

And just like everybody else , they also expect  to prosper and have a decent, healthy way of life.

This is the major  reason why these Asian ladies would seek lovers  from overseas , foreign men from affluent  western countries like America, Europe, Canada and Australia, rather than marry a local man.

They all have in mind that marrying a foreigner will make their life change for the better.

They choose not to remain poor for the rest of their lives.

And in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with this set-up. For as long as there is a mutual agreement  and understanding between the man that will give her security and a better future, then why the hell not ?

It doesn’t mean that there’s no love at the end of the road.
After all, who can say that love isn’t sweeter when you have plenty of food in the fridge, your kids have decent education, wear decent clothes, and that every new day is a happy day to spend with a loving  husband.

Why Filipinas Make Very Good Lifetime Partners

The Philippines is a  predominantly Christian country and is one of the very few countries in Asia , where divorce is still banned. It is also one of the few countries where women are deemed conservative and have a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage.

Filipinas, like many Asian women in general, are very faithful partners. This is why , in turn, they seek partners that are loyal to them on sites like These, combined with their huge interest in romantic movies and love stories, are the reasons why a vast majority of Filipinas believe that being faithful to their partners, is the most important key to a long lasting marriage.

They firmly believe that communication plays a vital role in the success of one’s marriage. Thus, your Filipina dateofasia believes that through open communication, couples can learn more about each other, and will have a better understanding of each other. This, in turn, will nurture their marriage into something that is bound not only by matrimony, but most of all, by friendship and love

The Filipinos , just like many Asian cultures place a very high value on its tightly-knit family ties where married couples usually still live Imagewith the man or the woman’s parents even after marriage. These familial ties extend even to other members like the siblings, grandparents, or in some cases, first degree relatives.

It is also because of this fact that they expect their partners to accept, understand and love all the other members of the extended family. They regard this value as an important part of a successful, happy and long lasting marriage.

The Little Black Book

You meet this guy at , go out with him for a couple of dates, and spend the next few days waiting by the phone just in case he calls.You do everything just to take your mind away from him. You even got back to reading that unfinished book on how to get your boyfriend back.

You go through that excruciating habit of checking your mobile phone every 30 seconds to see if anyone has texted, but what’s even more excruciating is being totally into this guy and not getting similar vibes from him.

And yet you wait, and wait , for about a week. But Still no call.

You ask herself :

” What happened? How did I mess up? Perhaps I should not have been too transparent ? But we were so much into each other. In fact, he pursued me so hard, he called me all the time, we talked every day and saw each other often, like several times a week. It was a wonderful evening and I thought I was falling in love with him and thought he felt the same.”


Relax. Don’t get paranoid. He’s waiting. He may be trying out the ”make her miss you” technique. Or he simply doesn’t want to smother you with endless phone calls or text messages. Or he’s merely waiting for another fantastic date idea to come to mind.

What if he doesn’t call you after more than a week ?

Then we can safely surmise that his interest got flushed away with his ejaculate.

This is why guys have something called the little black book.

How To Become More Endearing To Your Asian Girl

These are the golden rules if you want to ” level  up ” to your Asian woman without messing everything up

Be humble

If your image is that you’re an outgoing guy, or if you’re six feet two and she’s 5’1″, you definitely want to balance that act by being humble.

Its a given that Asian Women are shy and may not give compliments freely . So if she tells you she likes that Burberry shirt you’re wearing , it’s best to tell her as a joke that you’ve been wearing it for the past 5 days now. Laughter will ensue because you’ve elected to show humility.

Talk about possibilities and do not push for a date

Usually the deal breaker is being overaggressive and being pushy.This is what most foreigners have trouble with when it comes to Asian women. If you don’t want your date in Asia registration to come to waste, avoid being assertive and forceful.

Instead of saying “would you like to hang out ?,” say “would you like to go for a walk by the beach this weekend? That would be quite fun wouldn’t it?”

Look at it from a conservative Asian woman’s eyes. She pretty much lives a very introverted society and when you push for a date, she’ll immediately think of a yes or no answer. Or an excuse not to go out with you.

Befriend her close friends

An Asian Woman has a small, close-knit group of friends, and most likely they’re conservative as hell. If  you can intrigue her by becoming close to her close friends, she’ll want you a whole lot more because it shows you can “exist” in her world.

Now I don’t mean you have to stay there and play mahjong with everybody while watching a Korean Soap opera you don’t understand, but do spend some time with her friends. Again, maybe in other cultures its different, but Asian women place a high value on friendship and closeness, and as much as possible want their best friends and lovers in the same “camp.”

You’ll want to build enough allies within her group of friends who think you’re “the man”, and that will eventually aid you when you move on to the “meeting the parents’ stage. .

My Favorite Online Game

I woke up in the dead of night because  I couldnt sleep. For lack of something to do, I logged onto my favorite online game to kill some time before sleep would finally claim me.

And so, there I was , getting my fix of a newly-acquired addiction ,online gaming .

I noticed this guy .He was a very good player and gleaned from our short conversations, I surmised that he had a lot of gray matter.

And so I made a mental note to be on the lookout for him the next time I was online .

Days and weeks went by , and I did not come across him, until one day, he found me.

We teamed up, had loads of fun playing, and knew that I had found a strong gaming ally in him.

I wondered if he was cute ? I was very determined to find out…

ImageAnd so , I added him as a friend of one of the social networking sites just to view his pics or just to find out the answer to the age-old question “ Is he dating someone ?:

And, just like what  I had expected , he was not bad-looking and was single.

So ,I made a mental note to get to know him better.

And get to know him I did.

We talked about  his life, his job, and how his work as an engineer for a huge food manufacturing company took him to different  places all over the country .

He seemed very interested when I told him that I wrote blogs for date of Asia.

A few months into our friendship, he mentioned that he was coming to my place on a work-related trip and I agreed to meet him.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and I couldn’t help but notice that he used a lot of gel, without a strand of hair out of place.

I almost kicked myself when he asked me what I wanted to have for a drink and I inadvertently replied “gel”.

Moving forward , we became inseparable and maintained a comfortable level of friendship.

But alas, all good things must come to and end.

He had to be reassigned to another country in South East Asia . I will probably never hear from him again.

Along the journeys in life
we discover a new path
that leads us to a special place.
And it is there, for a moment,
we feel safe and at home.
And the people we meet seem to become a very dear part of us.
Somehow, things just fit,
and we are awakened within,
and continue on with memories
of those who have deeply touched our hearts.
And with us we take those special
friends with whom we have connected
heart to heart.”

– Author Unknown –