The True Meaning Of The Word

At around 10.00am everyday, my co worker Steffi and I take our smoke breaks outside the building where we work for .

We both work for date in, a popular Asian dating service that gives advice on how to get your lover back after a breakup and we were always on the lookout for a guy named Kim, a cute Chinese guy who takes his breaks just about the same time as we do.


We immediately spotted him outside , so I positioned myself  atop the stairs , just a few steps above him ( so I can closely scrutinize his cute Asian features ).

I noticed some guys sitting on the steps below me . And one of them was sporting a weird Afro hairdo .I have nothing against guys who have that same type of “do”, but they are simply not my type.

I was lost in thought, thinking how good Kim looked in his shirt and dark slacks  when I suddenly heard  Steffi yell .

She had spilled  coffee on Kim’s immaculate white shirt ! I almost jumped out of my skin , taken by surprise and dropped my cigarette on Mr. Afro guy’s hair …

The smell of burning hair wafted in the air while I desperately tried to extract the burning cigarette that had found it’s way inside the jungle that was Mr. Afro guy’s hair.


I could hear a few snickers and giggles in the background.

Luckily ,  it didn’t burn his scalp . I apologized profusely to the guy but had to run because my breaktime was almost over .

A few days later , after returning from another break , my co-workers informed me that there was a guy looking for me earlier . I asked them who it was and they pointed to a guy walking towards me .

It was Mr. Afro guy himself .Now sporting a half-shaved look .

” Excuse me , are you Isla ? ” he asked .

“Yes , I am “. I replied .

“I need to speak with you for a few ” he said .

“Why , what is it about ?”

” We’re in the process of creating a new  team , and you’re part of my team “.” I am your new supervisor “he said , with a smug look on his face .

Only then did I fully understand  the true meaning of the word FVCKED.


Why Asian Women Join Dating Sites

A lot of people are leery of women from Southeast Asia who join popular online dating sites like date of , because they think that majority of those women are scammers.

Well, some of them probably are, but heck, scammers are everywhere, not just on Asian dating sites.

Some of them though, are seeking true love , and most often, they are looking for greener pastures at the other side of the fence .


Unfortunately some Asian countries have weak economies and there’s less hope for these women to improve their quality of life. A long period of recession, high unemployment, and inflation ultimately, has made their lives more difficult.

And just like everybody else , they also expect  to prosper and have a decent, healthy way of life.

This is the major  reason why these Asian ladies would seek lovers  from overseas , foreign men from affluent  western countries like America, Europe, Canada and Australia, rather than marry a local man.

They all have in mind that marrying a foreigner will make their life change for the better.

They choose not to remain poor for the rest of their lives.

And in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with this set-up. For as long as there is a mutual agreement  and understanding between the man that will give her security and a better future, then why the hell not ?

It doesn’t mean that there’s no love at the end of the road.
After all, who can say that love isn’t sweeter when you have plenty of food in the fridge, your kids have decent education, wear decent clothes, and that every new day is a happy day to spend with a loving  husband.

Asian Women Are Naturally Beautiful

Nowadays, everything is geared towards everything Asian. Women from western countries are now even adapting Asian fashion and make-up so that they can bank on the  attraction men have for the  women of the East .

Asian women are naturally beautiful with gorgeous black hair, golden brown skin, and petite frames . Our slow, sexy ,  languorous moves have been known to drive men well, crazy. And the thing is, it’s all natural and unpretentious .Our grace and femininity are innate to us.

Western  women who are exposed to a more hectic way of living seem  to have adapted a more masculine demeanor throughout the years .Thus, the femininity of the these Asian women is very attractive to the western men .

filipina beach

Asian women are generally faithful and honest  honest to their partners  due to  family customs and traditions . This quality may not be available in other cultures .Other people may strike us as weak slaves , when in fact we are not. We just know how to care for our men, in a way only an Asian woman knows how.

Therefore , if you are in search of a long lasting relationship, then finding   an Asian woman is a good choice.

Why Date Asian Women?

At some point in their lives, and despite the language and culture barriers , men have fantasized about dating an Asian woman . Why so ? Because with their beautiful brown skin , lush black hair and  petite figures , these women have this exotic beauty and allure that only an Asian woman can possess.

Asian women like to do a lot of physical activities because they are very mindful of their figures. You don’t see them sitting all day at home watching televison or playing with electronic gadgets. Well, at least only a very small fraction of them does. And a vast majority of them are intelligent  because they take education very seriously.

Not only do they possess good physical attributes, Asian women are  simple yet sexy , passionate , and loyal to their partners . They don’t mind being subservient , because it is ingrained in their culture . They are known to be generally happy and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

Thus, a lot of men all over the world look for the girl of their dreams , beautiful asian ladies  who move on to become their lifetime partners , because Asian women always stand by their men and don’t leave when the going gets tough.

Why date asian women ? Because she is your fantasy come to life. Live your fantasy . Dare to explore. Come to Asia , date asian women , and watch your dreams and fantasies come true.