Why Asian Women Join Dating Sites

A lot of people are leery of women from Southeast Asia who join popular online dating sites like date of asia.com , because they think that majority of those women are scammers.

Well, some of them probably are, but heck, scammers are everywhere, not just on Asian dating sites.

Some of them though, are seeking true love , and most often, they are looking for greener pastures at the other side of the fence .


Unfortunately some Asian countries have weak economies and there’s less hope for these women to improve their quality of life. A long period of recession, high unemployment, and inflation ultimately, has made their lives more difficult.

And just like everybody else , they also expect  to prosper and have a decent, healthy way of life.

This is the major  reason why these Asian ladies would seek lovers  from overseas , foreign men from affluent  western countries like America, Europe, Canada and Australia, rather than marry a local man.

They all have in mind that marrying a foreigner will make their life change for the better.

They choose not to remain poor for the rest of their lives.

And in my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with this set-up. For as long as there is a mutual agreement  and understanding between the man that will give her security and a better future, then why the hell not ?

It doesn’t mean that there’s no love at the end of the road.
After all, who can say that love isn’t sweeter when you have plenty of food in the fridge, your kids have decent education, wear decent clothes, and that every new day is a happy day to spend with a loving  husband.


My Favorite Online Game

I woke up in the dead of night because  I couldnt sleep. For lack of something to do, I logged onto my favorite online game to kill some time before sleep would finally claim me.

And so, there I was , getting my fix of a newly-acquired addiction ,online gaming .

I noticed this guy .He was a very good player and gleaned from our short conversations, I surmised that he had a lot of gray matter.

And so I made a mental note to be on the lookout for him the next time I was online .

Days and weeks went by , and I did not come across him, until one day, he found me.

We teamed up, had loads of fun playing, and knew that I had found a strong gaming ally in him.

I wondered if he was cute ? I was very determined to find out…

ImageAnd so , I added him as a friend of one of the social networking sites just to view his pics or just to find out the answer to the age-old question “ Is he dating someone ?:

And, just like what  I had expected , he was not bad-looking and was single.

So ,I made a mental note to get to know him better.

And get to know him I did.

We talked about  his life, his job, and how his work as an engineer for a huge food manufacturing company took him to different  places all over the country .

He seemed very interested when I told him that I wrote blogs for date of Asia.

A few months into our friendship, he mentioned that he was coming to my place on a work-related trip and I agreed to meet him.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and I couldn’t help but notice that he used a lot of gel, without a strand of hair out of place.

I almost kicked myself when he asked me what I wanted to have for a drink and I inadvertently replied “gel”.

Moving forward , we became inseparable and maintained a comfortable level of friendship.

But alas, all good things must come to and end.

He had to be reassigned to another country in South East Asia . I will probably never hear from him again.

Along the journeys in life
we discover a new path
that leads us to a special place.
And it is there, for a moment,
we feel safe and at home.
And the people we meet seem to become a very dear part of us.
Somehow, things just fit,
and we are awakened within,
and continue on with memories
of those who have deeply touched our hearts.
And with us we take those special
friends with whom we have connected
heart to heart.”

– Author Unknown –