A Cock And Bull Story

Have you ever been to an unfamiliar place and tried to sample their local food?

Well , it happened to me, when I was in one of my provincial trips .

It was past lunchtime, and I was both hungry and thirsty from the 3-hour bus ride , so I decided to have lunch at the nearest eatery I could find .

It was a small shack , with bamboo seats and a thatched roof  but there were many patrons , so I figured that it was a popular place among the locals ..

I called the waiter’s attention and asked him what the house “specialty” was and he  said , ” it’s soup #5″

And since I was so famished I could eat a horse , I ordered what he recommended.

While waiting for the food , I looked around and noticed that the other people were eating the same thing. After a short wait, the order arrived.The soup bowl had barely landed on the table when I attacked the food with gusto.

It tasted good, a little like beef stew, however,  it had a slimy, gelatinous texture. Halfway through the meal , I realized that it could have been something other than beef..

I stirred the soup bowl, spooning the minced and diced pieces of meat but I couldn’t really tell what was floating in the thick, brown soup.

So I called the waiter’s attention again and discreetly asked him what soup was made of ,

and he replied with pride.

“Miss , it’s made from bull and horse genitals”.

“Are you kidding me ?”  I asked incredulously.

“ No miss. Actually, it is said to be a “virility soup” and a powerful aphrodisiac and a lot of people from nearby towns come here to be “rejuvenated”. He said a matter-of-factly.

I almost threw up right and then..I paid my bill and ran outside like the evil furies were after me..

I looked around for the nearest store ,bought a bottle of local rum and drank it like I was dying of thirst .

My hands were still shaking when I lit my cigarette a few minutes later.

I thought about what transpired and couldn’t help but think about the phrase “cock and bull” . Add that to ” could eat a horse”.

I wondered if whoever coined those phrases stumbled upon an old shack by the side of the road ?Image